S40 (2 t)

  • Desciption
  • Technical details
  • 2000 kilos from place A to place B

    The MKH S24 magnetic lifter is the fastest solution for moving flat-sided, magnetised objects in workshop conditions. It attaches and detaches automatically. Its safe operation is based on the battery’s charge - a mains current is not needed. The capacity of the battery is dimensioned to the length of a working day.

    Control devices

    The automatic detaching and attaching technology works via a microswitch which is attached to the lifting part. The lifter can also be used manually (attach and detach).
    The battery’s charge status is shown by LED light diodes during lifting and charging. A low voltage alarm occurs with a buzzer and signal light. The lifter will not attach if the charge status is too low. Signal sounds signify the activation of the automation and magnetic current. The control unit monitors the status of the batteries and there is no danger of overcharging

    Minimum material strength

    The material strength of the objects must be at least 5 mm, which is the limit for the formation of a firm magnetic field. The adjacent table provides a rough idea of the effect of the material strength of steel on the holding power of the battery magnet. The air gap caused by the flexing of the lifted panel also has an effect on lifting power.

    Many lifters in a row

    Magnetic catches can be attached to the lifting beam in a row if necessary, in order to attain a greater lifting capacity. All of the lifting equipment on the beam attaches and detaches automatically.

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  • Technical Data

    Lifting capacity, kg 2200
    Usage time h (activated 50 % of time) 10
    Bottom plate (lenght x widht, mm) 235 x 235
    weight, kg 52

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