Magnetic lifters for flat-surfaced objects

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    A quick and safe way to move things

    Magnetic lifters make work easier in repair shops and on production lines. Thanks to the switch automation of the magnetic lifter, the magnet attaches and detaches automatically.

    A separate controller is not needed.

    The safety of the lifter is based on the battery which activates the magnet. If the charge gets too low, a new load cannot be lifted until the magnet has been charged to a safe level. Depending on the model, the batteries last for 7-10 hours of lifting work at 50% utilisation. The battery magnets used by MKH offer a lifting capacity of up to 2500 kg. We always test the lifters with at least a double load.

    The internal intelligence keeps an eye on things

    The magnetic lifter’s control unit offers faultless functioning from one year to the next. All functions are double secured. The control unit monitors the interior temperatures of the batteries and loads them efficiently. There is no danger of overloading.

    Lasting Finnish quality tehtysuomessa madein sininen rgb

    Over 2,000 MKH magnetic lifters have been manufactured over a period of 25 years. The lifespan of the products has proven to be remarkably long. Sometimes equipment comes to us for maintenance and it’s so old and battered that it looks like an antique. After changing a few components, the equipment usually goes back to its previous work for its owner.


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