Specially manufactured magnetic lifters

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    Needs are varied, the magnet lifts and moves things

    With a customised magnetic lifter, objects can be lifted from spaces where a normal magnetic lifter or lifting device isn’t suitable or doesn’t fit.

    Our specially manufactured magnetic lifters can be used, for example, on assembly lines, when moving objects to machining equipment for processing, or when moving machine parts. If necessary, the demagnetise function can quickly demagnetise an object, which in some industries is a requirement for the reliable function of testing equipment.
    As an example, the adjacent image shows a demagnetising magnetic catch which is intended for raising the piston to a large sea diesel motor cylinder segment on a motor manufacturer’s assembly line.

    Contact us and tell us what you need. If a magnet can be attached to the object you need raised, we have a solution for you!tehtysuomessa madein sininen rgb


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