Automatic hydraulic presses

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    S-series electric-powered presses are a good option when use is more frequent and the necessary pressing force is greater. S-series hydraulic presses provide short turnaround times as well as higher pressing force.

    Select a hydraulic press that meets your needs

    Selection of a suitable hydraulic press should be based on application. Cheaper hand presses are suited for cases where their use is less frequent. High quality electric-powered automatic presses are the best choice for frequent use. MKH’s wide product range includes hydraulic presses for a variety of applications.

    Hydraulic presses are suited for several different applications. The press can be used both on small-size pieces and for more demanding pressing jobs. At the moment, MKH hydraulic presses operate for example in industrial subcontracting, assembly lines, overhaul workshops, and at concrete-batching plants. By means of various integration procedures it is possible to widen applicability further.

    MKH hydraulic presses designed and manufactured in Finland have excellent applicability. Additionally, in the factory environment, a reliable and durable product makes it possible to keep investment payback time short.

    MKH – Finnish quality productstehtysuomessa madein sininen rgb

    MKH has over 45 years’ experience in manufacture of hydraulic presses. Over the years, more than 2500 presses have been supplied to our customers. MKH hydraulic presses are suitable for many various applications and industries. Hydraulic presses are easy to use, high in quality, and efficient even in heavy duty.

    Finnish-made MKH hydraulic presses are manufactured on the basis of many years of experience. A wide range of stock products enables fast delivery. 20 ton (20 kN) to 400 ton (400 kN) pressing units are available for supply from stock at all times. Additionally, presses can be customized to conform to customers’ requests. In this case, pressing force comes up to 500 tons (500 kN).


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